Shahi Fruit Salad With Custard...!!!

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Fruits are everyones favourites. They are eaten either plain or by making some dishes using them lik fruit chaat, salads etc. This fruit salads and chaats become more healthy as they contain mixed fruits. So i am posting a similar recipe of fruit salad with custard.


2 cups chopped mixed fruits( apple, sweetlime, grapes, chickoo,orange, kiwi,banana etc)
2 table spoon vanilla custard powder
500 ml whole milk
1/4 cup sugar
1 table spoon butter(optional)
4-5 table spoon cashewnuts
8-10 cherries
2-3 table spoon raw papaya tooty frooties
2 mawa Pedas(optional)


Keep the milk for boiling. When it gets little warm remove 4 table spoon of milk in a bowl and let the remaining boil.

Add the custard powder to milk in bowl and mix properly to form a paste.When the milk boils remove from flame and add the custard paste and stir well. Add sugar according to your taste.Now keep it again on medium flame and keep on stirring countinously. Let it cook for 3-4 mins. It will become thicker in consistency.

Now Remove it from flame and add butter. Mix well and keep for cooling. When it cools down keep it in a refrigerator to set.

Cut all the fruits and mix in a bowl. Add cashewnuts and tooty frooties and mix properly.Now take the fruits and nuts mixture in a serving bowl and add the set custard mixture on top.Make pieces of pedas and mix.

Garnish with cashewnuts, tooty frooties and cherries.

Serve directly or chill and serve.

Note: Butter is added to custard as it gives it a shine.
Any type of seasonal fruts can be added ot to this salad. But avoid adding fruits which make it watery like watermelon or other melons.

Preparation Time: 20 mins

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