Spicy Nevri/Karanji...!!!

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Ganesh chaturthi is being celebrated in full swing in goa this days. People make different snacks and prasads for it.Ganesh is usauly for 1 n 1/2 day or 5 days in goa mostly. But some people keep for 7, 9 n 11, 21 days also. This year we had ganpati for 1 n 1/2 day. Below is a pic of my home ganesh.

This nevri/karanji is special snack for chaturthi. This are called nevris in konkani and karanji in marathi. Every home which celebrates ganesh chaturthi makes this nevris in goa. There are different types of nevris which are made here. Some of them can be stored for 15-20 days or some of them have to be consumed on the same day like puran nevri etc. Usually nevris are sweet. But always sweet is not good, we need soomething spicy for a change also. We make this spicy nevri every year. Its my moms recipe, almost everyone likes them.


For The Dough:

4 cups maida(all purpose flour)
1 cup rava(sooji)
1/2 cup rice flour
4 table spoon cornflour
2 table spoon fresh thick cream
safron food colour

For The Filling:

3 cups grated fresh coconut
1/2 cup poppy seeds(khaskhas)
1/2 cup sesame seeds(til)
3/4 cup cashew nuts small pieces
1/2 cup grinded sugar powder
1 tea spoon assafoetida(hing)
2-3 table spoon chilli powder
Ghee for frying


Dry the grated coconut in sun for 2 days or if not posible to dry microwave it until the moisture goes. This is required as this nevris can be stored for some days if the coconut is properly dried.

Dry roast the sesame and poppy seeds separately for 4-5 mins.

Now take a bowl and add the dried coconut. Add cashew nuts,roasted sesame seeds, roasted poppy seeds, sugar,salt and assafoetida. Mix well. Add chilli powder according to your taste and mix.Mixture is ready.

Soak the rava for some 2-3 hours in water.

Then take a bowl and add the maida. Mix soaked rava,cornflour,rice flour,cream, salt and hot ghee.Kned the dough well with the safron colour water . dough must become very soft. Kned it very well .The crispyness of the nevri is depended on hoe good you kned the dough.Keep the dough ball wrapped in a wet muslin cloth for 1-2 hours.

After that time, make small balls of that dough and roll small size thin rotis. Approx 5 inches in diameter. Take one roti and add the stuffing, atlest 2 table spoon on the center of the roti. Apply little water on the lower half edge of the roti.

Close the upper half of the roti on the lower half. Press the edges so that it gets sealed completely. you get special cutters to cut this edges. If you have it use it to shape the edge of the nevri. Repeat this process with the remaining nevris.Edges should not remain open or else the filling falls out while frying.

Heat ghee in a kadai.Deep fry this nevris as soon as they are made.Fry them till crisp. Remove them on paper so that oil is absorbed.

Let them cool for some time. Keep them in air-tight containers. They can be stored for 15-20 days.

NOTE:We make use of home made chilli powder which is made by grinding the local chillis of goa. If you use this chilli powder the nevris become tasty.

Cream, rice flour and corn flour is added to make the nevris more crispy.

Preparation Time:40 mins

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