Lauki Kheer with White Chocolate...!!!

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Lauki (Bottle Gourd) kheer is very popular in india.Even i like its taste.But the authentic kheer recipe is very simple,so i decided to try something new ,Thinking whatever may be the outcome i tried it. I decided to add some different flavours to it.I added star anise to flavour the bottle gourd , thought as its similar to nutmeg and nutmeg is used to flavour sweet dishes and believe me, star anise gave such a wonderful flavout and aroma to the kheer that whoever ate it loved that flavour. It went very well with the taste of lauki. I even added white chocolate pieces and when they melted it gave a very nice heavenly taste and flavour to the kheer. The kheer had turned out awesome, i was very happy with my experiments:-))..Those who do not know what is lauki(bottle gourd) i have put its pic below.


2 cups grated bottle gourd(lauki)
1/2 litre whole milk
1/2 cup chopped dryfruits(pisatachoes,almonds)
1/4 cup cashew powder
3/4 cup sugar
35 gms chopped white chocolate
2 whole star anise
2 table spoon ghee
4 cardomom pods


Heat a kadai and add ghee. When the ghee is heated up add star anise and cardomom pods and stir on low flame.Saute for 2 mins. If grated bottle gourd has extra water squeeze it to remove the water.

Add the grated bottle gourd to the kadai and saute. Keep stirring so that the star anise flavour gets infused in it.Saute till all the water in bottle gourd dries up and it gets cooked well.It will take 7-8 mins. Till then all star anise and carmomom flavour must have got infused well with it.

Simultaneosly boil milk in a pan.When it gets boiled reduce the flame and stir it. Cook it on low-medium flame till it gets reduced to 3/4.Now add this reduced milk to the sauted bottle gourd mixture in kadai. Mix well and cook for 1 min. Now remove all the star anise from it and let it get cooked. Star anise is removed so that the flavour does not become too strong. Strong flavour of it wont taste good.

Now add the cashewnut powder and sugar and stir well. Let it get cooked more. Now add the chopped dryfruits and cook for 2 mins, till now kheer must have got enough thick.

Now remove it from flame and add white chocolate pieces immediately. The chocolate pieces will melt in it.

It tastes best when served warm.

NOTE: To grate bottle gourd. First peel it, cut and remove seeds. Then wash it and grate.
The amount of star anise depends on your taste, you can increase or decrease according to your taste. Adding two star anises here gives the average required flavour.
Add sugar according to your taste as even white chocolate will contain sugar, so add it accordingly.

Preparation Time: 25 mins

4 Responses to "Lauki Kheer with White Chocolate...!!!"

Ushnish Ghosh Says :
November 8, 2009 at 8:18 AM

Dear Siddhi
Thanks for visiting my blog and your appreciation. I cant wait to eat this one. My Mom used to make it decades back. I used to love it. So hurry up with details.
I am going through your really have a nicely engineered site with wide range.:-) I shall start with the different sauces and its use.
Have a nice weekend and happy cooking

SE(Denufood) Says :
November 10, 2009 at 12:39 AM

hey..never tried a sweet dish with lauki..may be i should give a try..

Ushnish Ghosh Says :
November 10, 2009 at 12:52 AM

Dear Siddhi
Great!! Although I knew the dish was ready and you were taking time to write it, i did not know you wd post so fast.
I am ready with Lauki..never used star anise or ground Cashew in any kheer before.
Happy cooking

Ushnish Ghosh Says :
November 10, 2009 at 1:23 AM

Dear Siddhi
I am just waiting for star anise. I don't get good ones here. I have tagged your blog, so whenever you put comment or message here I get automatically.:-))

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